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Skiing and snowboarding at Ohio Dreams now has it all, in ground trampoline training, rails training, and water ramp training. We can now take true beginner freestyle riders all the way up to professional riders that want a great place to train in the off season. Our in ground trampoline is a professional Australian two string bed which allows us to do more learning and bigger tricks, and did we mention it is a lot of fun. The rails are a box and a flat rail, learning on these two rails couldn’t be easier. We have taught campers that have never slid rail and by the end of the week are sliding like pros. The beauty of the rail setup is we can teach never evers and teach camper with tons of experience new things on these two simple rails. The water ramps here are Ohio Dreams are like nowhere else, the ramps were built and designed specifically for freestyle riding. The ramps got a complete overhaul last season that went amazing, new material and even bigger ramps. The new material is called M-snow and works really well for both skiing and snowboarding. If you want to ride in the summer and learn new tricks….Ohio Dreams is your place.

Required Items – Skis/Snowboard (don’t bring your new equipment), boots , Lifejacket, Helmet
Additional equipment – any additional sports you bring please bring the required equipment for that sport.

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